Anntraves Interior Design Newsletter | Volume 2

Published September 19th, 2022 by Anntraves Interior Design

September Greetings!

It is unbelievable that fall is around the corner. The children are back in school; football season has started; the evening nights are chiller; tree leaves are turning an autumn color; and the latest fall decorations are filling in the stores and online. Are you prepared for the new season? If not, no worries; in the section below Anntraves Interior Design (AID) will provide some tips for getting your home prepared for the fall season. Our design team will introduce our holiday decorating service and share our experiences while visiting Thailand. So please sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading our latest issued newsletter.

Five Best Fall Decorations to Help You Welcome Autumn to Your Home

After record-breaking hot weather this summer, it is perhaps not surprising that many people are looking forward to the fall months and for decorating ideas. Fill your home with warm hues, plush textures and natural materials to celebrate the changing season both externally and internally.

Here's are some tips to help preparing your home for fall:

  1. Starting with a cozy front porch with a warm tone welcome mat and a wooden or flower wreath. Adding retro carved pumpkins and lanterns will add a unique touch.
  2. Create a twig and leaf art gallery wall in your entryway to welcome guests. Gather a group of large brown tree branches and sticks to put in a clear vase for the perfect fall foliage décor for your entryway console table.
  3. Switch throw pillow covers for the season. Embrace warmer textures such a velvet, sherpa and faux fur for extra coziness.
  4. A harvest garland checks all the boxes for fall decor. Hang it on your fireplace mantel or lay it across your table for the ultimate statement-making.
  5. We can't forget the fall aroma. Placing pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple scents candles and diffusers through out you home, will do the trick. Utilizing fall fragranced cleaning supplies is also helpful.

You are now all set: try implementing some of these ideas at your leisure in preparation for the fall season.

Holiday Decorating Services

AID provides professional holiday decorating services for residential, commercial, medical and hospitality spaces. Leave the hard work to us and spend your holiday creating unforgettable memories.

Decorating Services:

  • Lobby Area
  • Entryway
  • Room
  • Tree & Other Greenery
  • Internal Holiday Lights
  • Fireplace Mantel
  • Décor Selection

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Travel Inspiration - Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

We visited Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket) this past summer and had an amazing time. While in Chang Mai we visited the Kanta Elephant Sanctuary. Elephants are very symbolic to the Thailand community and aligns with the Buddha culture. Elephants' life expectancy is very similar to humans, they can live to be 70 to 90 years old.

Please read some fun facts about elephants listed below:

  • Elephants are vegetarians
  • They eat up to 200 pounds of grass daily
  • Pregnancy takes 20-24 months before giving birth and another two years after before they can get pregnant again
  • They don't like fast moment surrounding them. For example if a mice was nearby the elephant may become nervous
  • Elephant poop is recycled to produce paper and fertilizer

Kanta Elephant Sanctuary

Your Home Your Way but Intensified!

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