Bedford Exterior Home Paint Color Strategy

Bedford Exterior Home Paint Color Strategy

Project Scope

Client wanted to remove yellow undertone in home exterior paint color. We recommended satin sheen on the body of the home and flat sheen on the trim and gutters. Satin is easier to keep clean than flat paint. This prevents having to repaint the home sooner than expected.

Paint Product Type

Sherwin-Williams Emerald Rain Refresh

This product is thicker/heavier which offers full comprehensive coverage and is rain, mold and moisture resistance. Rain runs off the home oppose to sitting on the surface. It is easier to clean. If dirt and mud splash up on the home, it can be rinsed with a garden hose

Paint Application by Area

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

  • Worldly Gray: Near the front door and on all the siding
  • Iron Ore: Shutters, downspouts and siding between the window panels
  • Snowbound: Window frames, trim and front door frame
  • Iron Gate: Carport and deck

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